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Curated and run by artists, the Wu Jin Bookshop provides a platform for display and sales of independent publications from China and beyond.

Commonplace Magazine

Issue 1 " Disappearance"

Featured writings from Lin Ke, Xiao Hanqiu, Trevor Yeung, Yu Feifei, Wong Ping, Richard Kuan, Song Ta and Cheng Xinyi, with editorial works from Yuan Fuca, Li Bowen and Miao Zijin. Book Design: He Rongkai

Based in Beijing and founded in 2017, Commonplace is a non-profit magazine presenting new artist writings.

五金新书推出 Wu Jin Bookshelf - New Arrival

Arrow Factory: The Next Four Years


Founded in 2008, Arrow Factory is one of the longest standing, fully independent, non-commercial art spaces in Beijing. Located in a narrow alley inside the city center, this 15 square meter space spearheads various forms of site-oriented artistic display, collaboration and experimentation by local and international contemporary artists. Arrow Factory: The Next Four Years comprehensively documents the twenty-two projects mounted in this reclaimed storefront between March 2011 and May 2015. This follow-up publication features new perspectives from organizers of influential artist-run initiatives around the world, and is structured around the elemental question: What is a good institution? Through these views and others, Arrow Factory: The Next Four Years offers a window into the diverse conditions that shape China’s current cultural climate.

箭厂空间出版 Published by Arrow Factory

Wu Jin is very pleased to announce the arrival of six new titles from Badlands Unlimited, an independent publisher founded by Paul Chan and later joined by fellow artists Ian Cheng, Micaela Durand and Matthew So. Launched in 2010, Badlands Unlimited publishes e-books, paper books, and artist works in digital and print forms. They make books in the “expanded field.”

Wu Jin has procured titles by Chan that include “Waiting For Godot in New Orleans: A Field Guide” that documents his production of Beckett’s play set in post-Katrina New Orleans; “The Essential and Incomplete Sade for Sade’s Sake,” on his 2009 Venice Biennale project and “Phaedrus Pron,” an artist book that “rewrites” Socrates with a custom designed dirty/sexy computer font.  Also from Badlands are limited copies of “Marcel Duchamp: The Afternoon Interviews” by Calvin Tomkins, “The Best Most Useless Dress” by Claudia La Rocco, and “Poems” by Yvonne Rainer. Wu Jin is currently the sole vendor for Badlands books in China. Stock is limited.

Paul Chan received the Hugo Boss Prize in 2014.

五金荣幸推出新到的 “荒原无限”(Badlands Unlimited) 的六册新书,这是由陈佩之(Paul Chan) 创办的独立出版社,之后同伴艺术家郑曦然 (Ian Cheng), 米卡埃拉∙杜兰德 (Micaela Durand) 和蘇睿哲(Matthew So). 相继加入。出版社于2010年启动,“荒原无限”发布电子书籍、纸本书籍和电子及印刷版本的艺术家作品。他们在“延伸的领域”中制作书。

五金取得的陈佩之的书目包括:《在新奥尔良等待戈多:一个土地指南》,记录了他在飓风卡特里娜之后的新奥尔良制作的贝克特的戏剧; 《未完成的为萨德而萨德精要》,关于他2009年在威尼斯双年展的项目;和《费德鲁斯代名词》,一本用专门设计的下流/性感的电脑字体“重新书写”苏格拉底。同时来自“荒原无限”的有限量版本的卡尔文∙汤姆金斯 (Calvin Tomkins) 的《马塞尔∙杜尚:下午访谈》、克劳迪娅∙拉∙罗科 (Claudia La Rocco)的《最好的无用之服》、和依冯·瑞娜 (Yvonne Rainer) 的《诗》。五金书架国内独家销售此丛书,数量有限,预购从速。

陈佩之为2014年Hugo Boss奖获得者。